Colin Magnusson

The Journey of Chuck McDonald III

The Journey of Chuck McDonald III Integrated heavily into this year’s defense on the top ranked high school team in the country, Chuck McDonald III

Colin Magnusson

Prospect Spotlight: Jaden O’Neal

Prospect Spotlight: Jaden O’Neal [9.12.2022 – Colin Magnusson] “Put ‘em on the 50.” This has been the mantra of Jerren, Jaden O’Neal’s father, since his

Fans & Brands Start Now

You can support your college town by paying for advertising in the metaverse.  Your advertising dollars will go directly to the groups, clubs or athletic teams that you support.

Students & Athletes Start Now

Athletes, clubs or any other organization can sign-up for us to host their metaverse and start receiving advertisement dollars from fans.

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How It Works

Step 1.

Students, athletes or clubs register to create a room or building in the College Fan Coins’ metaverse.

Step 2.

A metaverse engineer creates the student’s space in the metaverse that includes advertisements that can be sold.

Step 3.

Fans shop on this site to purchase advertisement space from their favorite student, athlete or club.

Step 4.

Money from the advertisements is sent to the student, athlete or club via PayPal.